Surfing Sayulita and Punta de Mita

If you’re looking for a nice surf get-away to Mexico, consider the Sayulita, Punta de Mita area. With regular flights into Puarto Villarta, you’ll be surfing within an hour of touchdown.

Where to Stay?
The two most popular towns are Sayulita and Punta de Mita. If you’re looking for action and don’t mind a crowded break or driving 30-40 minutes for some solitude, Sayulita is your place. The road between Sayulita and Punta Mita is now paved, and takes about 25 minutes, see route. Without any “real” hotels or condos, renting a casa is the call. See for listings. On the other side of the peninsula is Punta de Mita (see route from PV airport), a chill fishing village experiencing rapid condo growth. Enjoy the pool and privacy of your condo. Eating options are a bit limited. Another option, several clicks down the road, is Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa, an all inclusive resort. The resort is a good size, priced well, with fair quality. With Burros at your front door, a couple morning sessions make everything right.

There are a few more breaks in the area, but here’s the short list.

San Pancho
Location: Town of San Panco, a.k.a. San Francisco, next exit (road) north of Sayulita.
More: Fast short break that doesn’t always go.

Location: Town of Sayulita (GPS 20.87036, -105.44152)
Type: Longboard, shortboard. Mostly rights
Quality: decent wave that goes without much swell. Facing more north west, it picks up swells.
Tide: works on most any tide
Vibe: Crowded with locals and tourists
More: The chill little surf town has become crowed and too busy for my liking.

The Cove
Location: Punta de Mita Point, southern most bay
Quality: Ponga drivers and guides say it’s the best break around. But, they’re after your pesos.
Access: Ponga from Sayulita or Punta de Mita, or 40 minute walk from the town of Punta Mita (rocky walk that can rip your favorite old flops)
Tide: High, gets shallow on low tide
Vibe: Tourists competing for the ride of their trip. Go early.
More: Exposed and not protected from wind, gets junky.

El Anclote
Location: Town of Punta de Mita (GPS 20.177172, -105.51925)
Type: Longboard, right
Quality: Good beginner break. Mellow pitch, slow, and long.
Tide: Most, inside gets shallow. Be sure to find best path out.
Vibe: Mellow
More: Usually 1-3 ft, right

La Lancha
Location: South or east of Punta de Mita (GPS 20.76375, -105.49411)
Type: Lonboard, most rights, few lefts
Quality: Good longboard wave
Access: Ponga or 40 minute beach walk from Punta de Mita, see route.
Tide: Best on incoming tide, then outgoing tide. Shallow on low tide
Vibe: Mellow
More: Goes when everything else is flat, small but better than nothing. Watch out for Coral heads, especially near the take off. More photos.

Punta Burros
Location: Palladium Vallarta Resort and Spa (GPS 20.75163, -105.45307)
Type: Longboard, shortboard
Quality: Great, favorite break in the area
Access: Stay at resort or park outside the resort gate on the left, near the taxis. Find path along the fence line to the left. See route.
Tide: High is best, but works on most anything
Vibe: Decent, can get busy on weekends with locals and resorters
More: Left is steeper and throws a bit. Right is longer with a mellower pitch. Because Burros has easy access, ponga drivers and guides push The Cove and La Lanca. But don’t let them steer you away, don’t miss this wave. More photos.


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